OLED-Info was established in 2004 to provide services and resources for the global OLED industry. It is the world's most popular OLED publication with over 100,000 monthly readers and over 17,000 newsletter subscribers. OLED-Info offers several OLED information services and resources for professionals and consumers alike.

Free resources:

The OLED Handbook

The OLED Handbook is a comprehensive guide to OLED technology, industry and market, written by Ron Mertens (OLED-Info's owner and editor-in-chief since 2004). The OLED Handbook is the best way to quickly get in-depth OLED knowledge and become an OLED expert. The last edition was released in 2017.

Reading this book, you'll learn all about:

  • OLED technology, materials and production processes
  • How OLEDs compare to LCD displays and LED lighting
  • What kind of OLED panels are available on the market today
  • What are the obstacles on the way for cheaper OLEDs
  • Samsung's Super AMOLED panels
  • The OLED TV market
  • The future of OLED displays and lighting and the challenges ahead
  • And a lot more!

OLED Market Reports

OLED-Info provides comprehensive niche OLED market reports. Our reports cover everything you need to know about the niche market, and can be useful if you want to understand how the OLED industry works and what this technology can provide for your own industry. The reports also contain personal contact details for the companies involves in the market. All our reports have been updated in October 2017.

The Flexible OLED Market Report:

  • Why flexible displays and lighting panels are so exciting
  • What kind of flexible displays are currently on the market
  • What the future holds for flexible OLEDs
  • How to acquire flexible OLEDs for your products

The report package provides a good introduction to the flexible OLED market - present and future. It details both flexible displays and lighting technologies.

The Transparent OLED Market Report:

  • Transparent OLED properties and advantages
  • What are the main challenges towards transparent OLEDs
  • What kind of transparent OLED displays are currently on the market
  • The transparent OLED lighting market

The report package provides a good introduction to the transparent OLED market - present and future. It details both displays and lighting technologies.

The OLED for VR and AR Market Report:

  • Why OLEDs are adopted in almost all VR HMDs
  • What kind of displays are required for VR and AR applications
  • What the future holds for the VR and AR markets
  • Current and future VR and AR systems

The report package provides a good introduction to the OLED VR and AR market s- present and future.

The OLED Microdisplays Market Report:

  • Why OLED microdisplays are better than LCD or DLP ones
  • The disadvantages of OLED microdisplays
  • What kind of displays are available on the market today
  • New technologies on the horizon

The report package also provides a complete list of OLED microdisplays makers and their current (and future) products, and personal contact details into the leading microdisplays makers.

The OLED Automotive Market Report:

  • What kind of OLED displays are currently adopted in cars
  • Why OLED lighting is exciting for car makers
  • The future of Automotive OLED display
  • OLED concepts and forecasts by BMW, Audi and others

The report package also provides a complete list of OLED display and lighting makers that are involved with the automotive market, with personal contact details.

The Graphene for the Display and Lighting Industries:

  • Graphene applications in LED lighting
  • The different usages of graphene for OLED lighting
  • Graphene's adoption as a backplane for AMOLEDs
  • Transparent graphene electrodes
  • Graphene-based encapsulation development

The report package also provides a list of graphene companies involved in those markets, an introduction to graphene and details about graphene for QDs, lasers and thermal foils.

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The OLED Marketplace

The OLED Marketplace is the world's most complete OLED panel catalog. This free resource allows you to find the best OLED panel for your project, and includes character, graphic, flexible and transparent OLEDs.

The OLED Auditorium

The OLED Auditorium was born from a vision of creating a significant and diverse library of OLED presentations, that provides a current and in-depth body of knowledge about all the important aspects of the OLED technology, industry and market - by the leading industry and academia experts themselves.

The OLED Auditorium at a glance:

  • An online library of OLED presentations
  • Lectures by leading OLED experts from the industry and academia
  • A virtual, growing online OLED conference
  • Networking opportunities
  • Free access
  • The easiest and most affordable way to stay on top of the OLED industry!